It turns out the secret to success in the NHL is Vezina-level goaltending.

Yes, Thatcher Demko cast aside his civilian clothes once more so he could emerge from a phone booth Evo car as his superhero alter-ego Bubly Demko.

Saturday’s victims? The Edmonton Oilers.

On a night when it felt like the Canucks were watching a 40-minute power play being hosted by Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, it was Thatcher who once again stood tall and secured the 2-1 victory.

He has been playing so well that it seems downright silly that there was a time when there was a debate on if this was a 1A/1B goalie situation in Vancouver.

To quote a certain cerebral assassin’s entrance music:

Yo, tell me what time it is nowYou don’t know what trouble isIt’s our timeYo, here comes trouble

This is clearly Thatcher’s team.



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