The Anti-Gay Hamilton Pays, Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Swatted, and a Texas School District Says “Don’t Say Trans”: This Week in Queer News

As students around the country either return or prepare to return to school, they are entering what can be a very heated, political space. Now, aside from worrying about exams and essays, queer students in many states and districts nationwide are returning to a building that is working to undermine their well-being. In Florida, state officials have decided that any mention of queerness is too sexual for young children. And in a district in Texas, even mentioning gender fluidity is now a no-no. As elected officials, school boards and other people in power continue to harass LGBTQ+ students, it’s important to not only educate ourselves about the onslaught, but take action against it. 

That said, here’s the week in queer news.  

News & Politics

A Texas school district banned any mention of “gender fluidity” in a move some are calling a “Don’t Say Trans” policy. [Them

Rest in power, Aaron Lynch. [Them

An Idaho librarian resigned after right-wing harassment. They were upset over LGBTQ+ books the library didn’t even carry. [Idaho Statesmen

Florida has banned state Medicaid from covering gender-affirming care. [Them

A court blocked Arkansas’ ban on gender-affirming care. [Politico

After Texas’ governor ordered state agencies to investigate the families of trans kids, some workers threatened to quit. [Them

A Nebraska high school canceled its entire journalism program because students released an issue with LGBTQ+ content. [KLKN TV

The church that staged the anti-LGBTQ+ Hamilton show has apologized and had to pay damages. [Them

Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA)Rich Graessle / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


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