Throughout the course of the NBA Playoffs, The Athletic’s NBA Data Analyst, Seth Partnow, will provide his expertise to analyze the things that stand out most to him from the previous day’s slate. You can find his Analytical Lookarounds here. 

The attention from Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals has rightly been focused on Anthony Davis’ game-winner (with a side helping of “How did he get so open?” explained well here by my podcast partner Mo Dakhil):

But let’s take a minute or two to examine how it came to be that Los Angeles needed to throw that dagger to begin with, and in some ways how they were fortunate to be close enough for it to matter.

Over the course of the restart and postseason, both Hollinger and I have bemoaned the manner in which teams have at times been their own worst enemies offensively but slowing their offenses to a crawl, too often making the shot clock an extra defender. As…



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