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In this edition, we’re looking at the internet sleuths who are tracking down some of those responsible for the riots on Capitol Hill in the US. Gigabytes of video footage, photos and tweets are being examined by groups like Reddit data hoarders, trying to put names to the faces of the rioters who plunged the seat of power into chaos.
Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s back on Twitter, but appears to be under a tight leash imposed by the platform itself. They’ve told him he’ll be kicked off permanently if he breaks their rules again. He got the boot when his posts during the Capitol unrest were judged to be encouraging the violence. He’s still not allowed on Facebook and other online platforms are continuing to remove him.
We also have the latest on research suggesting an existing vaccine will work against the new, highly contagious, mutations of coronavirus that have had doctors across the world so worried.
You can also find out what Elon Musk’s been up to since toppling Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person. And we reveal the millennia-old reason dogs beg for food at the dinner table (it’s not just because they’re always hungry).

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