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Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles Is Teaming With Alec Baldwin For First Starring Movie In Over A Decade

For two decades now, Jensen Ackles has had a regular presence on TV thanks to TV shows like Dark Angel, Dawson’s Creek, Smallville and Supernatural. Movies-wise though, excluding voiceover work on direct-to-video animated DC movies, he hasn’t had a starring role in a cinematic project since 2009’s My Bloody Valentine 3D. Well, that will soon change, as it’s been announced that Ackles is starring opposite 30 Rock’s Alec Baldwin in a Western.

This upcoming movie, titled Rust, sees Alec Baldwin playing an outlaw named Harland Rust, who’s had a bounty on his head for as long as he can remember. After his estranged grandson 13-year-old grandson Lucas, played by Good Boys’ Brady Noon, is sentenced to death after being convicted of an accidental murder, Harland travels to Kansas to break him out of custody. From there, the fugitives have to flee from Jensen Ackles’ U.S. Marshal Wood Helm and a bounty hunter named Fenton “Preacher” Lang, played by Vikings’ Travis Kimmel. As grandfather and grandson evade their pursuers across the American Frontier, secrets will come to light and an unexpected familia bond will perform.


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