Imagine for a minute: the sun is shining down on you, the barbecue is going, and it’s the quintessential summer day. As you make your way to the table to indulge in burgers and grilled corn, you realize that what you’re really craving is a fresh salad. And not just any salad — you want a colorful creation topped with your favorite summer fruit: strawberries! Your mouth begins to drool, and then you realize just how easy it is to whip up a strawberry-filled summer salad. You run to the kitchen, pull out fruit and veggies, and get to work. Before you know it, you’ve satisfied that fruity craving in the best way possible.

Now, back to reality, but the best thing about this daydream is that it’s so achievable! Thanks to these delicious recipes from our favorite blogs and TikTok accounts, you can easily re-create the summer salad of your dreams in basically no time at all. Complete with goat cheese additions, hearty nut toppings, homemade dressings, and more, we can’t wait for you to enjoy the quintessential summer day salad.



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