TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The families of Georgia Tech players congregated Saturday night near the gate that led to the visitors’ locker room at Doak Campbell Stadium. Idling nearby were 11 buses ready to take the Yellow Jackets back to Atlanta. A few Florida State fans were still trickling out of the stadium, and one young man walked through the throng of Georgia Tech parents and siblings and issued a challenge.

“Play us in basketball now!” he screamed.

Many of the Georgia Tech parents started laughing. They’ve been watching ACC football long enough to know that the exclamation was less a boast about Florida State’s basketball team (the defending conference champ) and more a commentary on the group of Seminoles those parents’ sons had just beaten 16-13 in the opener of what promises to be a very strange season. Georgia Tech, still only 20 months removed from running the triple option, wasn’t supposed to be able to go down to…



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