Solar storm forecast: Large explosion of plasma from Sun to 'barely miss' Earth on weekend

The website said on Thursday: “Yesterday, July 28 (7am UT), a magnetic filament in the Sun’s northern hemisphere erupted.

“The resulting CME is going to pass by Earth on August 1, barely missing our planet.

“NOAA analysts are still studying the eruption; there’s a chance the forecast will change from ‘near miss’ to ‘glancing blow’, so stay tuned.”

When CMEs flow near to our planet, they can funnel charged particles into the magnetosphere – the region of space dominated by Earth’s magnetic field.

According to NASA, the CME can “jostle Earth’s magnetic field” and create currents that direct the particles towards the poles.

The charged particles then impart energy (electrons) on atoms of oxygen and nitrogen, triggering beautiful aurora effects.


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