Maximum eclipse – the moment of greatest coverage – is pencilled in for 5.32am EST and the affair will end by 6.30am EST.

The Farmers’ Almanac said: “The viewing zone will fall anywhere north and east of a line running roughly from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, to Evansville, Indiana, extending on to the Atlantic coast near Savannah, Georgia.

“Depending on where you are, if your sky is clear, the rising Sun will be somewhat unusual and appear slightly dented, deeply crescent-shaped, or ring-shaped.”

Viewers in the New York States, New England, and parts of southern Ontario and Quebec will see the Sun take on the shape of a glowing crescent.

The almanac added: “Toronto will see 86 percent of the Sun’s diameter eclipsed, 85 percent in Montreal, and 80 percent for New York and Boston.”



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