Read on for your ultimate bath guide

For the morning person

Break the WFH routine with a morning dip. French Girl Organics’ Mint Sea Soak (£19, frenchgirl​ combines six salts with peppermint and rosemary for a tension-relieving start to the day. Espa’s Positivity Bath & Body Oil (£34, also features bergamot and jasmine for a spirit-lifting energy boost, while Sister & Co’s Myrtle Bath Soak (£20, uses eucalyptus and lemongrass for an effective wake-up call. Plus, every order comes with a free charcoal soap, courtesy of the brand’s new Neighbours in Need initiative.


For a WFH de-stress

With seaweed and soothing arnica, Haeckels Stress-Fix Soaking Salts (£30, is the key to switching off when your sofa doubles as your desk, while Apothem’s Unplug bath salts (£65, boasts CBD and magnesium to ease racing minds and weary limbs. Still struggling to power down after logging off? Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath Soak (£33, is designed to reboot those who suffer from “wired and tired” syndrome from technology overuse with toxin-eliminating, electrolyte-replenishing French green clay.


For the outdoors indoors

Inspired by forest bathing rituals, Earl of East’s Shinrin-Yoku Bath Salts (£24, boast an earthy blend of cedarwood and oakmoss to instantly transport you back to nature. Use in tandem with Aromatherapy Associates Forest Therapy Bath Oil (£49,, spiked with calming cypress and cleansing ho wood. Tree-mendous.


For an energy boost

Suffering from a sofa overdose? Aman’s Purifying Auric Cleanse Bath Salts (£85, work to energise sluggish systems, with 84 essential elements to kick-start circulation and soak away joint pain, while Ren’s Atlantic Kelp and Microalgae Anti-Fatigue Bath Oil (£29, is liquid pep.


For a break from anxiety

Created as a “coping mechanism in a bottle”, Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath Oil (£49, is immersion therapy at its finest, with anxiety-quelling clary sage and geranium to balance scattered emotions. Ila’s Bath Salts for Inner Peace (£49, are also laced with ionic minerals and meditative sandalwood, while Thérapie’s Equilibrium Bath Essence (£42, harnesses the natural antidepressant properties of Persian rose to bring calm where there’s chaos.


For a good night’s sleep

When your schedule is out of whack, Bamford’s B Silent Night Time Bath Concentrate (£70, is a powerful natural sedative with a potent blend of chamomile, lavender and vetiver root. Or indulge your spiritual side with Llio’s Beauty Sleep Bath & Body Crystoil (£45, which charges juniper and geranium oils with amethyst crystals to block stress and dispel negative energies. Magic.



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