So much for EU unity! UK to avert Russia energy crisis with 'clean, cheap, system'

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, countries in Europe, including the UK have begun looking for alternatives to Russian oil and natural gas. To achieve that, Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his Energy Security Strategy earlier this month which outlined how the UK could end its reliance on imported energy and shift its focus to renewables and low carbon sources.

While the rest of the continent struggles to ditch its addiction to Putin’s gas, the UK is leading the way, as Greg Hands, the Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth highlighted the steps the country is taking to transition to a “clean, cheap, and sovereign system”.

Speaking to, the MP for Chelsea and Fulham, said: “The ambitions set out in our British Energy Security Strategy are limitless, and with British generators already providing power to parts of Europe, we are absolutely ready to build the UK into a major clean energy exporter in the coming decades.

“The North Sea oil and gas sector has been a major industrial success story for decades.

“We must keep supporting the UK’s oil and gas industry and the people who work in it, as we transition to a clean, cheap, sovereign energy system.”

The Government estimates that 7.9 billion barrels of oil reserves and resources remain under the North Sea, along 560 billion cubic metres of gas.

According to the Energy Security Strategy, “the North Sea will still be a foundation of our energy security but we will have reduced our gas consumption by over 40 percent by 2030.”

The UK’s decision to focus on the North Sea oil and gas extraction as part of its strategy has been controversial.

Previously, climate activist groups placed strong opposition to the development of the Cambo oilfield in Scotland, in a standoff that eventually led to Shell pulling out of the project, citing high costs due to delays.

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