Openreach says it will continue to complete planned work when it does not involve entering premises. That means a failure in a streetside cabinet that causes a blackout – or significantly reduced speeds – for a number of houses should still be fixed as normal. it could be possible for some customers to help to install necessary home equipment themselves, Openreach has confirmed.

“A large amount of the work we do can be completed outside, and we can often fix problems without entering a customer’s property,” a spokesman for the company told the BBC. “So, we’re advising our engineers not to complete any work inside a property unless it would leave a vulnerable customer with no form of connection, and it’s not possible to provide one by any other means.”

As you’d expect, priority will be given to key infrastructures such as the NHS, pharmacies as well as food retailers and distributors. Engineers for telecom firms have been classified as “key workers” by the Government, which means they’re allowed to continue to go to work. Children of key workers are also allowed to remain in school during normal hours to allow parents to continue to work.



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