Has the 2019 lottery redeemed itself?

Perhaps. It’s still hard to say, given that we’ve only been playing real games for two weeks here. But one of my strongest early takes from the season is how much better some of the sophomores look than the last time we saw them.

And in some cases, that hasn’t been for a long time. One of the oddities of our Brave New World is that several teams went nine months in between games — nine months! — and lottery picks featured prominently on most of them. Thus, banishing the Delete Eight from the bubble also meant that several rookies missed out on a useful development platform. Meanwhile, we missed out on an opportunity to evaluate their progress.

That leads us to today’s topic and my question at the top of this story. How have the 2019 draftees who didn’t play in the bubble, now entering their second season, performed so far in this new campaign? And how does that impact our…



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