Horse Racing

Siege Courageous, Trevalius, Belli Deepa, Trafalgar and Splendido excel

Siege Courageous, Trevalius, Belli Deepa, Trafalgar and Splendido excelled when the horses were exercised here on Tuesday morning (August 16).

Inner sand:

600m: Flying Quest (rb) 39.5. Impressed.

Outer sand:

600m: Southern Crome (G. Vivek), Elite Crown (Kiran Rai) 46. They moved freely. Belli Deepa (rb) 42.5. Pleased. Trevalius (Srinath) 42. Moved attractively.

1000m: Maga Success (Salman K) 1-16, 600/43. Worked well. Trafalgar (Saqlian) 1-9, 600/40.5. A good display.

1200m: Siege Courageous (S. John) 1-30.5, 1,000/1-13, 600/41. Fit for the fray. Splendido (Ranjeet), Turkoman (Salman K) 1-28, 1,000/1-12, 600/42.5. Former started four lengths behind and finished level. Prime Abbess (Ranjeet), La Reina (Salman K) 1-30, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/43. They moved impressively.

1400m: Sea Lion (Likith) 1-45.5, (1,400-600) 58. Eased up.

Gate practice — inner sand:

1200m: Defining Power (rb), Divine Masculine (Kiran Rai) 1-20, (1,200-600) 39. They jumped out smartly, former finished distance ahead. Last Wish (A. Imran), Green Channel (Hasib A) 1-19.5, (1,200-600) 40. Former showed out. She’s Superb (S.K. Paswan) 1-23.5, (1,200-600) 42. Took a smart jump. Gerontocrat (B. Paswan) 1-27, (1,200-600) 43. Jumped out well. Chiraag (rb), Empress Bella (rb) 1-27.5, (1,200-600) 40. Former finished six lengths ahead. The Strikingly (Arvind K), The Sound Of Music (Ramesh K) 1-25, (1,200-600) 40. Former finished three lengths ahead.


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