Matted Shih Tzu transformed by Kansas animal shelter

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A rescue Shih Tzu who struggled to walk because his fur was so matted, is unrecognisable after vets worked on grooming him for hours.

The 11-year-old stray dog, who has since been named Simon, underwent an incredible transformation when professionals shaved off more than 6lbs of extremely matted hair. 

Simon was brought into KC Pet Project in Kansas – and he could barely move because of the thick clumps of hair on his body and hanging over his face. 

He weighed around 20lbs because of the huge amount of fur on his body, which took two hours to remove. 

The woman in the video says: ‘This 11-year-old Shih Tzu came in today in possibly one of the worst matted cases we have ever seen.’

His fur, which appeared to be white naturally, was a dark brown colour and you couldn’t even see his ears any more.

Simon when he first arrived at the vets. (Picture: TikTok/kcpetproject)
Is there definitely a dog under there? (Picture: TikTok/kcpetproject)

‘We can only guess how long it took for him to get into this condition, but one thing we know for sure is that life is about to get so much better for this boy,’ the woman in the video continues.

She said two vets at the clinic would now have the ‘tedious job’ of shaving every bit of matted fur.

And it certainly wasn’t an easy job.

In the clip, staff are seen putting all of the matted fur into a basket as they shaved Simon, who appeared to have been sedated on the table.  

The big shave gets underway. (Picture: TikTok/kcpetproject)
That’s a lot of leftover fur. (Picture: TikTok/kcpetproject)

The good news was that under all that fur, Simon’s skin was in ‘surprisingly good shape’, which is not always the case for animals found in similar conditions.

In a second clip, staff explains that Simon is still at the clinic and that he is ‘relatively healthy’.

Simon looking good as new. (Picture: TikTok/kcpetproject)
Vets hope he will be back on his feet soon. (Picture: TikTok/kcpetproject)

She added: ‘Simon has a couple of minor medical concerns, including chronic dry eye. He is in desperate need of dental work and because of the matted fur and how long he had it, he over corrected his stride.

‘So he doesn’t walk quite right yet, but we hope it will correct itself over time.’ 

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