With the Serie A transfer window now shut, the Milan derby on the horizon this weekend, we thought it was an opportune time for The Athletic’s James Horncastle to answer your key questions on the game in Italy.

Here he discusses Federico Chiesa’s move to Juventus, Atalanta’s title credentials and Italy’s perceived lack of top defenders…

Who has the best hairstyle in the Serie A? (Swasti M.)

I thought we’d start with the hard-hitting questions you need answers to, so thank you Swasti for pulling no punches and getting straight to what matters most. In case you hadn’t noticed, Andrea Pirlo is back in the league and his coiffure remains immaculate. Spezia’s Luca Mora has mastered the same look with a dishevelled twist and I, for one, respect that. Perhaps it’s a homage to the philosophers he studied at university. I’ve also got a lot of time for any top-flight footballer who turns up for…



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