Sens. Rubio, Feinstein introduce bill to create Space National Guard

Sens. Marco Rubio and Dianne Feinstein might not agree on much, but they’ve joined together in calling for a part-time adjunct to America’s newest military force.

The lawmakers on Wednesday introduced a bill that would create a Space National Guard that would fall under the Space Force command structure. It would shift all Air National Guard members currently conducting Space Force missions to the new unit.

“Creating a Space National Guard would boost our military readiness and increase efficiency. It would also ensure that the Space Force retains needed talent,” Mr. Rubio, Florida Republican, said in a statement.

The Air Force, Space Force and National Guard Bureau have developed a program to establish a Space National Guard within current budgeting and personnel constraints, but the plan has yet to be implemented, the senators said.

“Creating a Space Force National Guard would also save money and ensure a smoother process in the event we need to activate personnel,” said Ms. Feinstein, California Democrat. “Not establishing a Space National Guard was a mistake when Space Force was created, and this bill will remedy that.”

Almost a dozen Democrats and Republicans are co-sponsoring the bill, including Sens. Michael Bennet, Colorado Democrat, and John Cornyn, Texas Republican.


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