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See The Four Hobbits From LOTR Reuniting At A Restaurant And Totally Making The Day Of A Nearby Fan

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring may have brought Middle Earth to our world in a very real, on-screen way just over 20 years ago, but the cast of the franchise is still bringing some major joy to the fandom. The four hobbits from the world-famous franchise recently reunited at a restaurant, and a nearby fan found himself dining in the shire as his day was totally made by eating near the Lord of the Rings reunion.

One fan had his geek dreams realized when he and his wife went to dinner and got sat next to not one, not two, but four Lord of the Rings hobbits. Frodo Baggins’ Elijah Wood and Samwise Gamgee’s Sean Astin were joined for dinner at the restaurant by none other than Pippin and Merry, Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, respectively. You can check out the evidence of the Lord of the Rings hobbit reunion in Monaghan’s official Instagram post, below:


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