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Scruples, Imperial Power, Forever Together, Yukan and De Villiers excel

Scruples, Imperial Power, Forever Together, Yukan and De Villiers excelled when the horses were exercised here on Thursday morning (May 12).

Inner sand:

600m: Forty Niner (Tousif K), Sunway Lagoon (Mark) 40. They finished level.

Outer sand:

600m: Raffles (Mark), Happy Time (Tousif K) 46. They moved freely. Saddler’s Legacy (Suraj) 46.5. Easy. Giant Star (M. Naveen) 44.5. Moved well. Super Kind (Mark) 42.5. Shaped well. Country’s Jewel (Tousif K) 42.5. Worked well. Excellent Ray (Suraj), Peyo (M. Naveen) 46. They moved freely. Hoofed Wonder (rb), Love (A. Velu) 43.5. They finished together. Capital Gain (Mark), Habanero (Tousif K) 44.5. Former moved better. Idealist (Mudassar), Dear Lady (rb) 46. They moved on the bit.

1000m: Caracas (Mark) 1-14, 600/42. Pleased. Baba Voss (Mark) 1-16, 600/44. Moved well. Star Domination (Tauseef), King Pompous (Shinde) 1-13, 600/44. Former moved better. Peridot (Likith) 1-15, 600/44.5. In fine trim.

1200m: Pazel (Vivek) 1-30, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/43. strode out well. Prague (Indrajeet) 1-29, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/44. Moved freely. De Villiers (Shreyas) 1-24, 1,000/1-11, 600/42. Moved impressively. Victoria Punch (Anjar), Queen Envied (rb) 1-31, 1,000/1-15.5, 600/44.5. They are in fine trim. Four Wheel Drive (Mark) 1-29.5, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/42.5. Impressed. Forever Together (Suraj), Windstorm (M. Naveen) 1-25, 1,000/1-8.5, 600/42. Former showed out. Imperial Power (Suraj) 1-27, 1,000/1-11.5, 600/42. Moved fluently. Scruples (Shreyas) 1-22, 1,000/1-8.5, 600/41.5. A fine display.

1400m: Yukan (P. Trevor) 1-39, 1,200/1-24, 1,000/1-8, 600/44. Moved attractively. Automatic (Salman K) 1-43.5, 1,200/1-28, 1,000/1-13.5, 600/43. In fine condition.


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