If the Braves have accomplished anything in 2020, it’s this: They’ve embraced the weird.

“I want to get locked into another bubble,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said Thursday.

Imagine living in a world where that’s suddenly on everybody’s bucket list in sports.

The Braves spent the past few days sequestering themselves for their NL wild-card playoff series against Cincinnati. They stayed in the Omni Hotel in The Battery, steps away from their stadium. They ate meals in protected quarters, watched real life roll by outside their hotel windows and walked to games in a relative ghost town. Fake crowd noise was pumped through speakers and an obnoxious mascot named Blooper danced on top of their dugout in a seeming effort to get a rise out of his relative intellectual equivalents — cardboard cutouts.

But if this Twilight Zone backdrop is what it took for a franchise to advance in the postseason for the first time…



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