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Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are Poking Fun At Each Other Again On Instagram, This Time It Involves A Tattoo Of The Deadpool Star's Face

The only relationship that challenges the goofiness that is the faux feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, is the history of the Deadpool star and his wife Blake Lively trolling and poking fun at each other on Instagram. And the two were back at it again after Reynolds posted a video of a man getting a tattoo of the actor’s face on his Instagram. 

Following Reynolds the tattoo that read “No Ragrets” above his head, and “switching to Mint Mobile” below it, obviously Blake Lively had to get in on the fun. While her husband posted about a devoted fan getting a real tattoo, she made her commitment clear, claiming the person in the video is her, even though she’s pregnant with their fourth child.  

Ryan Reynolds reporting Blake Lively's repost of Ryan Reynolds story. Both noting they want to get a face tattoo of Ryan Reynolds.

(Image credit: Ryan Reynolds Instagram Story)

Obviously, Reynolds had to one-up his significant other after being lowkey trolled by her, and he posted that he also got his face tattooed on his thigh. 


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