RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK – The Launch Place is joining investors backing BioAesthetics, which provides a nipple-areolar complex graft for patients undergoing breast reconstruction.

The startup recently raised some $4.5 million from 37 investors.

On Wednesday, The Launch Place, which helps develop and fund startups with officers in RTP and Danville, Va., said it was backing BioAesthetics with $250,000.

The Nipple Areolar Complex (NAC) Graft is the lead technology from BioAesthetics.

BioAesthetics was founded in 2015 as a Tulane University spin-out with the mission to improve reconstruction options for breast cancer patients after they undergo mastectomies, according to Crunchbase.

“This product is different from past investments for us,” said The Launch Place CEO, Eva Doss, adding that both the amount of funding that BioAesthetics has been able to close and the social impact potential of the NACgraft is impressive. “We see the possibility and potential for this company and we have hope for its long-term impacts on breast cancer survivors.”

The funds will be used to “solidify their manufacturing process in preparation for the clinical launch of the NACgraft product,” The LaunchPlace explained.

According to BioAesthetics its product repreents “the intersection of biomedical engineering and breast reconstruction.”

“This process is unique in the industry, as the NACgraft is a living structure and not a prosthetic. The graft can be transplanted by a reconstructive breast surgeon and over time will integrate into the patient’s body, without the need for immunosuppressive drugs,” the startup adds.

RTP startup BioAesthetics, improving breast cancer reconstruction, lands $4.5M



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