Roger Federer has opened up about his time with Peter Carter and expressed his hope that he is proud of him.

Federer met Carter when he was just nine years old and the coach quickly tipped the young Swiss for greatness.

But tragedy struck in 2002 when Carter died in a car crash on his honeymoon.

Carter’s death had a profound impact on Federer but he bounced back to win his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon the following year.

Federer has since gone on to win 20 majors, 103 career titles and spend 310 weeks at world No 1, proving Carter right.

Every year, Federer shows Carter is still in his thoughts by inviting his family and parents to watch him at the Australian Open.

Speaking in an interview with Argentine sports channel TyC Sports, Federer was asked what he thinks Carter would be thinking now and replied: “I think he probably couldn’t believe it.

“I hope he is very proud, I hope he’s happy. He taught me a lot of my technique and he was like an older brother for me who taught me values in life – politeness, be nice – all these things like my parents taught me too but he was also able to keep that going on the road and also at the tennis centre which I spent a lot of time at.

“Unfortunately he is not here to see it all which makes me sometimes very sad but at the same time, I think I’ve been very fortunate to spend the time that I did with him.

“We still think of him very often because he was a great man.”

Federer was then asked how he wants to be remembered and hoped people would view him as an inspiration.

“I want to be remembered as a good guy for the sport of tennis,” he said.

“I would be proud if I was a hero and idol to juniors and kids growing up.

“And to their parents who say ‘look how Roger does it or how he behaves’ because I also have my struggles but I persevered and came through well on the other side.

“I want fans to enjoy tennis and have a good time. I always felt like I respected everybody.

“I know tennis is bigger than any player that ever lived and that I was part of it is plenty for me.”



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