Rafael Nadal admits extent of treatment for 'incurable' injury that almost ended career

“The truth is that I have [used radiofrequency treatment] many times after Wimbledon because the injury is incurable and when the nerve starts to hurt you have to do it again. I have to thank Mario, my regular anesthetist in Barcelona, ​​and Dr. Angel Ruiz-Cotorro, who put me in contact with David Abejon, a specialist in the Pain Unit, to start a treatment that has drastically changed me.

“No longer my career, which in the end is secondary, but my personal life. Now I am much happier, beyond winning or losing on the track, because I was lame. I played tennis with a lot of anti-inflammatories but I was lame all day. I thought that I had to quit tennis because I had lost my vitality and was a sad person most days.”


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