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As the bulk of the federal workforce moved out of the office and into remote spaces last year, their devices went with them. Cybersecurity was an immediate concern for IT staff, but physical security also became an issue. A lost or stolen device can pose hazards to a network if the thief or finder discovers a way to unlock it. FedTech magazine talked with Matt Hendrix, federal business development manager for Kensington, about the increased need for physical device security.

FEDTECH: How has the need for device and data protection changed since the beginning of the pandemic?

HENDRIX: In the beginning, there was a scramble to get devices. Agencies were getting anything they could to migrate to a remote workforce as quickly as possible. Now, we are seeing more of a normalization, with a hybrid work scenario, as staff are moving to modified work environments. We are seeing the demand increase again for security solutions, such as locks and privacy screens, as well as keyboards and mice and other accessories. Hoteling is also driving the demand for more ancillary products, such as docking stations, as people move between locations with their mobile devices.

FEDTECH: How have agencies adapted security procedures to cover the increased amount of remote work?

HENDRIX: IT administrators are looking at solutions that allow them to support a remote work force. It used to be easy for an administrator to physically unlock a device in the office if a key was lost. Now,…

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