Pro surfer on how NIVEA is helping to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean

Surfer Lucy Campbell is NIVEA’s sustainability ambassador (Picture: Owen Tozer)

Spending hours in the sea every day for your job is most people’s definition of paradise.

But for Britain’s Women’s surfing champion Lucy Campbell, it’s not always such a dream.

Because the 26-year-old frequently sees first-hand the terrible effect our love of plastic is having on our oceans.

‘I’ve seen turtles with bags caught in their fins, who can’t swim or get away from predators,’ she says, ‘and hermit crabs living in fabric conditioner lids.

‘I’ve seen perfect islands, but they’re knee-deep in plastic, and paddled in waters where with every stroke I did my hand was full of soft plastic such as carrier bags. It’s heart-wrenching.

‘But the most shocking thing has been microplastics. You think there’s not much around then you really look and notice there are tiny bits of plastic everywhere.’

Lucy’s had an affinity with our oceans since she started surfing aged nine.

Lucy has seen how plastic pollution affects the ocean first-hand (Picture: Owen Tozer)

‘You’re surrounded by the beauty of the coast, fresh air and a sense of escape and freedom,’ she says. ‘It’s a special place – calming yet energising.’

Our oceans also play a very special role in all our lives – they produce more than half the oxygen we breath while absorbing much of our carbon emissions.

Which is why Lucy is horrified by the growing amount of plastic she’s noticing in them.

‘If we kill off those habitats, we’re choking ourselves,’ she says. ‘Seeing day in, day out what’s going on has made me passionate about letting people know.’

I’ve seen turtles with bags caught in their fins, who can’t swim or get away from predators, and hermit crabs living in fabric conditioner lids

To raise awareness, Lucy has teamed up with Britain’s favourite skincare brand NIVEA to become its sustainability ambassador.

The company recently launched its own Plastic Pledge, committing to ensure all its packaging is refillable, reusable or recyclable by 2025, and encouraging customers to help out, too.

‘It can be daunting but we want to inspire people to take small steps – such as remembering to pop a bottle into the recycling – that will have a big impact if all of us do it,’ says Lucy.

NIVEA has also joined forces with the Marine Conservation Society – the UK’s leading charity for protecting our seas, shores and wildlife – to help reduce its plastic footprint even further.

For tips on simple and low-cost ways to reduce, reuse and recycle bathroom plastic, go to or #NIVEAlittlesteps.


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