Pau Gasol does not think that his Hall of Fame career is finished just yet.

Speaking this week with Spanish news outlet EFE, the six-time NBA All-Star big man said that he continues to rehab from foot surgery and is still hoping to play for one more season, as translated by Eurohoops:

“I did a treatment at the end of December to improve my chances of recovery. And now the rehabilitation is going slowly, without the rush and pressure of being on a team. I give it more time and take care of it. I hope everything goes well and I can recover soon.

“It’s a possibility that [retirement] is there too. I’ll [be] 40 this summer, which is not a small number. I understand that sooner or later, whether this summer, next season or another, my retirement is inevitable. I hope not already. I hope that the foot recovers so that it can allow me to play a little more. We will see how much more. Enjoy one last season.”

Gasol, who has 18 NBA seasons under his belt, underwent surgery in May for a navicular bone stress fracture in his left foot. He signed with the Portland Trail Blazers in the summer but was waived a few months later without making a single appearance for them.

While such an injury is obviously concerning for an aged 7-footer (on top of other opportunities potentially awaiting him), you can’t fault Gasol for wanting to go out on his own terms if at all possible.



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