It’s astonishing how quickly narratives can change in the NFL.

Exactly 13 days ago, I was writing about the Chiefs thoroughly dominating the Baltimore Ravens on Monday Night Football. The Chiefs looked unstoppable on offense and exceptional on defense, and the only questions people had about the team centered around how high its ceiling was.

Barely two weeks later, following an ugly win over a Cam Newton-less New England Patriots and a loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, the conversations about the Chiefs have changed completely. After watching the offense struggle against Bill Belichick and the Pats then fail to move the ball in the second half against a much less vaunted Raiders defense, questions suddenly abound on both sides of the ball. Some of those concerns are rather silly, such as the idea that Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has suddenly been “figured out” by the league. The reality is that there’s no figuring out someone who routinely…



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