A UNESCO World Heritage site, and a beloved city filled with Mexican culture and history, San Miguel de Allende also offers nature- and activity-based options closeby. Here are a few special ones to add to one of my favorite destinations in the world.

Hotel: View Cabañas

Just eight minutes from San Miguel de Allende toward Celaya, “El Hotel View” focuses on the surrounding landscape. This boutique property offers firepit experiences by candlelight, movie screenings, sunset teepee experiences and moonlight dinners with roses and a three-course menu.

View also offers wellness activities at Aruma Spa, including hydromassage with salts and flowers, and unique therapies such as medical biomagnetism, bioenergetics and osteopathy.

Off property, get out into local prehistory on a cave painting expedition, or soar on a hot air balloon ride.

Oils: Finca Luna Serena

Also on the outskirts of San Miguel de Allende, Finca Luna Serena is home to the region’s resident experts in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and oil-based beauty products. This farm offers lunches of salads, balsamic infusions in cheeses, chicken, steak, salmon, desserts and more.

You can rent a country house on the property for one night. The “cottage” offers breakfast, and three bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, small pool with Jacuzzi, and personal transportation (if required).

Horseback riding: Xotolar Adventures

This ranch operated by the Morín Ruiz family generation after generation, guarantees a safe and comfortable horseback riding experience amid impressive natural landscapes.

Xotolar offers half- and full-day riding excursions to Cañada de la Virgen (“Virgin Canyon”) as well as camping experiences and rural cooking classes. Guided tours are designed and adapted to the needs of the group.

Hot-air ballooning: Globo San Miguel

Offering daily flights above San Miguel de Allende and its surroundings, Globo San Miguel boasts 27 years’ experience in the area and more than 50 years of ballooning expertise in California’s Napa Valley.

Services include a classic flight at sunrise, and exclusive flights for groups and couples — ideal for marriage proposals. Some packages even include breakfasts.

(Due to Covid-19, flights are not being operated at 100% capacity. Safety protocols in place include social distancing and masking to ensure a secure outdoor experience.)

Beach: Manaia at Valle de los Senderos

Valle de los Senderos, 15 minutes from downtown SMA, has a beach, Manaia, with natural sand and crystal-clear spring waters. Enjoy the transparent thermal pool with some fins and a snorkel mask, dive in the sea, or in a gentle lagoon for paddle boarding.

Valle de los Senderos offers packages that include family tickets, as well as picnic packages for Mexican eatery “Sal y Canto,” an where activities and opportunities focus on ecology, well-being and contact with nature and beauty.

Dining: Mama Mía Campestre

In a mesquite forest along the San Miguel-Dolores Highway, Mama Mía Campestre, a wood-fired Italian cuisine and local craft beer, La Hechicera. All dishes are prepared in grills or ovens fed with mesquite wood, and are served with vegetables grown in Huerto Rancho Luna using organic methods.



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