Danielle and Adam Busby are feeling the stress while in quarantine. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the ‘OutDaughtered’ finale, Danielle has to run to the car to get some ‘peace and quiet’ away from the kids.

Danielle and Adam Busby have their hands full already, so add quarantine to the mix and they are stressed to the max. In this EXCLUSIVE preview of the June 30 episode of OutDaughtered, the couple is trying to keep the kids entertained while keeping themselves sane. Adam is prepping for Easter, so he’s trying to think of creative things to do in the house with the girls.

He decides to make Milky Way ice cream with the little ones. However, there are hands everywhere, and Adam has to keep his eye on the girls at all times. “Please stop fighting. Please.” Adam says at one point.

The Busby family of ‘OutDaughtered.’ (TLC)

While Adam is making ice cream with the quints, Danielle takes some time for herself — in the car! “As a mom of 6, it’s very, very hard to find some quiet time, so I’m escaping to the truck just to literally have some peace and quiet,” Danielle admits. She has a FaceTime call with Crystal and Ashley to do some catching up.

Crystal vents that her house can’t stay clean, and she can’t keep up with the laundry. Danielle tells them that she’s in the car right now because there’s nowhere in the house that’s quiet. That’s quarantine life with 6 girls!

The June 30 episode of OutDaughtered was entirely self-filmed by the Busbys near the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year. Adam and Danielle first learned that the coronavirus pandemic was very serious while they were on a family vacation with the kids. When they returned home, they soon found themselves in lockdown. Their lives have drastically changed since they started quarantining, and they’ve had to juggle all the kids being at home at the same time. They were also worried about grocery shopping since many stores put a limit on what you can buy due to high-demand. OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.



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