Nvidia is a gaming-friendly GPU brand giant that has recently encountered graphic drivers and security flaws.  Last Thursday, the brand settled the system imperfections influencing its illustrations Game-Ready driver. These system flaws permit terrible hackers to cripple device systems with the refusal of to claim service attacks, heighten benefits, alter information, or sniff out delicate data. 

Nvidia Security Flaws Could Let Hackers Hijack your PC- How to Prevent It

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“Nvidia’s Geforce 461.09 driver has a lot of fixes, especially for GTX 1080 Ti owners.”

Nvidia Releases Update to Address Game-Ready Driver Security Problem

The main problem arises from Nvidia’s illustrations driver named formerly among tech geeks as the GPU Display for Windows. The most grave among these flaws is the (CVE‑2021‑1051)  which is a problem in the graphic drivers’ kernel mode layer. This GPU issue ranks 8.4 out of 10 based on the CVSS scale, which means it is an alarming issue for users.

In other words, hackers could hack your device by making the graphics cards stop working. Afterwards, they can get control of your PCs and alter several files or steal sensitive information from your device. Techradar also noted that the Nvidia GPU can be a very good tool for cracking passwords, which puts your security at high risk. 

Nvidia has upated users last thursday of an fix that addresses these concerns. The design driver is used in gadgets and is being utilized by devotee gamers. In this scenario, it is the computer program component that empowers the device’s working framework and programs to utilize its high-level, gaming-optimized design hardware. This is the reason why Nvidia has prompted an update to highten security for the Graphics drivers and security problem.  Not to mention, these issues by the tech giant are being encountered prior to the CES 2021 event where they are expected to launch the RTX 380 Mobile GPU.

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How to Prevent Nvidia Game-Ready Driver System Hacking

It is also worth noting that hackers can only do these when they have lcoal acccess to your Linux box or PC. In order to succeed hacking into your system, they have to use a computer or another computer device stationed on the local network. Another way that this can be done is to plant malware on your machine to make the attack successful.

According to Tom’s Hardware, Updating your device from Nvidia’s recently released system security update for the GPU display driver is the only way to prevent this from happening.

Those who use the Nvidia consumer graphics cards who utilize and install the GeForce Experience desktop application will be alerted by the system to introduce the overhauls. On the other hand, for Windows users of Nvidia GeForce cards, the update can be conducted into the driver version of  461.09.

Even if you don’t have GeForce Experience installed in your device, or if the Nvidia updates aren’t working well, you may get the patches right from the Nvidia Driver Downloads. However, you need to make sure that you chooe the right kind of graphics based on the graphics card that you have. 

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