It has an eerily similar ring to it: ‘Thoughts and prayers’.

Australians rightly mock this platitude when it’s rolled out by politicians after a mass shooting in the US, but now our own Prime Minister saw fit to present this meaningless line for victims of the bushfires on the mainland.

Like how the US does nothing to end their deadly problem, our government also appears determined to cover its ears to the stark reality now facing us: Australia is drier than ever, hotter than ever, and less prepared than ever.

The Tasmanian Fire Service is well aware of the risks. In Launceston this year, their state conference was titled ‘Not the Norm’: because the changing climate is putting humanity in a completely unpredictable position where every year is worse than the last.

Yet while Australia faces unprecedented fires … politicians continue to mislead on carbon emissions, or use rubbery accounting tricks to meet our emissions targets.



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