As the NFL Draft quickly approaches, we’re taking closer looks at some of the players the Redskins could select in the first round. Today, we move on to Oklahoma offensive lineman Cody Ford. At the combine, Ford measured in at 6-foot-4, 329 pounds, looking every bit the part of an NFL offensive lineman. There are some questions surrounding his game, with many believing he’s more suited to guard, despite playing right tackle for Oklahoma last year.

As a pass protector, Ford has some issues with his hands. He often comes off the snap with his hands low and wide, exposing his chest to defenders.

Here against Alabama, Ford comes off the snap with his hands low by his waist and down by his side. That leaves his chest completely exposed to the defender, who gets his hands inside. Ford responds by wrapping his arms around the defender, which is far from an ideal position as it gives him no leverage to recover. Ford does, however, manage to use his feet to…



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