As the NFL Draft quickly approaches, we’re taking closer looks at some of the players that the Redskins could look to select in the first round. Monday, we took a look at Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. Today, we move on to Florida State edge rusher Brian Burns. Coming in at 6 foot 5, 249 pounds, the 20-year-old Burns has been one of the pass rushers most consistently linked with the Redskins.

One of the most obvious traits that stands out when watching Burns is his speed. He has terrific burst off the snap and can speed past tackles to the edge, turning the corner before they can catch up.

On this play, Burns shows off that elite speed trait. He gets a great jump off the snap and is level with the tackle before his third step hits the ground. This causes the tackle to open his hips towards the sideline instantly to try to keep up. He flashes his inside hand to the tackle, just to keep himself clean before dropping it as he turns the corner. Despite the…



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