Highlands Park co-director Sinky Mnisi
says he will fight to hold on to the club, following reports it has been
sold to TS Galaxy owner Tim Sukazi.

Mnisi claims he has been undermined by his fellow directors at the
Lions of the North, and that he will challenge the reported sale of the

“I’m not asking for impossible information. What I’ve requested
will determine my next step. But I’m prepared for the challenge,” Mnisi
told City Press.

“I’ve toiled for this team for six years, only to be treated like
this. Once I’ve satisfied myself that all those conditions have been
met, I can’t allow the deal to go through.

“It makes me feel as if they didn’t want me to own the club. If they
want to buy me out because they think I’m the problematic one, they must
come up with an offer that’s respectable and that I deserve, not try to
cheat me.

“The solution is for them to swallow their pride and respect the fact
that I’m a shareholder, minority or not, talk to me and cordial
separation rather than a messy one, but they are making things difficult
for themselves by undermining me.”

“They started looking for buyers back in January and I have proof to
that effect. And they should refrain from mentioning that I’m a minority
shareholder. I’m also protected,” he added.

“In a boxing ring, when there are two boxers there must be a knockout
and winner. I don’t want to use my uppercuts. I’m still jabbing. If
they don’t believe that, they’ll see it. This isn’t a threat.”

– TEAMtalk media



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