New cyber security business part of Wichita's push for more tech companies – KAKE

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) — It was all smiles inside of Novacoast’s newly opened Wichita office on Friday. The California based cyber security company showed off its new home to elected officials and others.

CEO Paul Anderson says he’s already loving it here. “What we found that’s awesome here in the Wichita market is you just have a hard working culture, you know, people that are smart, willing to learn, willing to work”

Novacoast opening an office in Wichita is being viewed by local leaders like City Mayor Brandon Whipple, as something larger than just one business coming to town. He says it is a signal of the future. “Wichita is known as the ‘Air Capital of the World’, and we are, but we’re also the ‘Opportunity Capital of the World’, we need to be taking advantage of the opportunities that this next economy is presenting.”

There has been a strong effort in recent years by to make Wichita more appealing to tech companies. Like improving workforce development options with new programs at WSU Tech and other schools.

County Commissioner Pete Meitzner says these types of jobs can help diversify the economy and bring in a younger workforce that Wichita has lacked. “We manufacture stuff, we make, we make a lot of good things but this puts us in a different area and attracts young adults that may never have thought about Wichita before.”

Anderson says that he’s already looking to expand the office here, adding that in a few years they could have up to a few hundred employees at the Wichita office.


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