Amid a suspension of nearly five months due to the coronavirus pandemic and social injustice unrest in America, the NBA crowned a champion: The Los Angeles Lakers over the Miami Heat in six games. Now, league officials, owners, teams, executives and players are all looking toward what is next. The NBA will conduct an audit of the basketball-related income (BRI) and continue discussions with the National Basketball Players Association about the future in terms of salary cap and luxury tax thresholds, free agency and the 2020-21 season.

NBPA executive director Michele Roberts told The Athletic last week she expects a resolution soon on the salary cap and tax levels and that free agency is expected no later than Dec. 1, with the cap not expected to deviate too much from $115 million. Both the NBA and NBPA continue to desire a full 82-game season in 2021, in-market competition, reduced travel and a set amount of fans, beginning in January or February. The 2020 Draft is scheduled…



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