‘Naughty’ cat loves stealing his owner’s food right off the fork: ‘He’ll eat anything’

Excuse you, Simon (Picture: @jjyosh/ CATERS NEWS)

Meet Simon, the Bombay cat who literally steals food out from under the nose of his 38-year-old owner JJ Yosh.

Simon, six, lives with JJ in Boulder, Colorado. The cheeky cat can regularly be seen sharing fine-dining dishes and enjoying outdoor adventures with him on social media, under the username @jjyosh.

The cat very much lives his best life as not only does he steal tasty food from JJ’s fork, but he also gets taken camping, kayaking, snowshoeing and hiking.

JJ said: ‘Simon mostly eats his cat food but steals food I’m eating myself, so I’ve probably spent a few thousand dollars on his meals.

‘Simon’s human food will be food I’m making for myself, but sometimes I make food specifically for him, maybe smoked salmon from time to time.

‘He’s always taken food from me, even when he was a kitten, so it’s natural to get photos of him stealing my food.

‘Sometimes for video shoots I’ll use food to get his attention so then he steals it after a minute or two.’

JJ has had Simon since he got him as a kitten from his landlord after his cat had babies.

At first, little Simon didn’t like JJ, but after a while, the cat warmed up to him and now their bond is rock solid.

‘It’s funny how much he works to get the food’ (Picture: @jjyosh/ CATERS NEWS)

JJ said: ‘People think it’s really cute that Simon likes eating human food with me, but they sometimes think it’s gross he eats from my plate.

‘I let him eat off my fork. I don’t care. Maybe it should affect the food I eat, but it doesn’t.

‘Besides, Simon won’t eat anything he shouldn’t, so he can pick and choose. He definitely likes meat best though.’

Simon says ‘feed the cat’ (Picture: @jjyosh/ CATERS NEWS)

JJ started dressing his cat in tuxedos when the feline is enjoying luxury meals, and he even has themed outfits for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

JJ said: ‘The pictures have got more fun as time goes on.

‘I don’t need to take any precautions or preparation to take them, just Simon and the food.

So cheeky (Picture: @jjyosh/ CATERS NEWS)

‘He’s a naughty cat, I don’t know if all cats steal food like him or if it’s just Simon, but it’s funny how much he works to get the food!

‘He really tries everything to get a bite here and there.

Oh dear (Picture: @jjyosh/ CATERS NEWS)

‘He will eat pretty much anything, even salad and cheese if I have them, but we love shrimp and smoked salmon best.

‘I love Simon eating high-quality human food, but I don’t want him to gain too much weight, so I don’t let him do it all the time.’

Simon doesn’t always keep it classy, however, as he’s been known to escape and catch mice and even lizards.

Naughty indeed!

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