CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – New Hampshire’s highest court sided with the television show “North Woods Law” on Friday in a legal dispute with a couple whose blurred faces were featured on the program in 2018.

The New Hampshire Supreme Court overturned a lower court ruling in favor of the couple, who sued after they appeared on the show being questioned by an officer about a marijuana patch near their home, NHPR reports.

Another man was arrested in the episode for growing the marijuana. But the couple said people were able to identify them even though their faces were blurred and argued the show didn’t make clear that they were innocent.

The Supreme Court said that the “the episode placed responsibility for the illegal activity squarely on the neighbor, rather than on the plaintiffs.”

“Therefore, because the episode did not provide the false implication that the plaintiffs claim, the plaintiffs have not adequately pled the element of falsity,” the justices wrote.

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