A woman who checked out the backstory of a ‘joke’ her uncle made unexpectedly uncovered a family secret – and now she is torn over whether to share the news.

She says that she had gone out for dinner to celebrate her uncle’s birthday, explaining that the pair have always been close as they are only a year apart in age and even attended the same school.

The pair love to make fun of one another, and the woman said that whenever she is winning in an argument, he will always throw out the lighthearted line of ‘Yeah, well I’m your uncle so have some respect’.

During the birthday celebrations, they were both having a few drinks when her uncle joked about a “family rumour” that her mum isn’t really her granddad’s daughter.

“I hadn’t heard that one and we both have a good laugh over how ridiculous that is,” she said.

An upset man and woman
The pair had no idea there was truth behind the rumour (stock image)

“We had moved on to other subjects when I remembered that he and I had both used 23andMe to get our DNA analysed. ‘Let’s connect, this is going to be hilarious’ I said.

“So we did, and in all of 5 minutes everyone stopped laughing as the results came up that we share exactly zero DNA.”

She said they had always believed that her mum was from her granddad’s first marriage, and her uncle was from his second, and that they shared the same dad – but they aren’t blood related at all.

After processing the results during her ‘uncle’s’ birthday meal, she said: “He got very emotional and said I ruined his birthday.

“Now we need to decide if and how to tell my 80 year old grandpa that his oldest daughter has a different biological father and to tell my mother her dad isn’t her biodad.”

After turning to Reddit for advice, one person commented to say: “Don’t do anything. My biological family hate each other, multiple generations of us. Enjoy your family that gets along. Blood means nothing.”

A man, who said he himself is a granddad, advised: “Don’t tell grandpa. It will only hurt him. He will still see you as his anyways. What matters is who raised you… trust me.”

Some speculated that it’s likely the granddad already knows, and another agreed that he shouldn’t be told either way, adding: “I can’t see any reason why you would want to tell your grandfather at this point if it is only going to hurt him and change absolutely nothing other than the hurt.

“As for your mother, it may be something she would need to know, especially if there is a health issue.”

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