'My mum says I need to go on a walk with my kids everyday – I'm exhausted'

A new mum feels pressured by her mother to take her toddler for a walk everyday, despite the fact she’s just had a baby – and asked for advice on how to respond

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‘My mum says I need to go on a walk with my kids everyday – I’m exhausted’

Being a mum to a baby is a challenging experience, especially if you’ve got another young child.

You might be constantly bombarded with advice from your own parents or in-law on how to look after your children.

They might mean well, yet sometimes their suggestions aren’t always practical.

One mum shared her experiences on Mumsnet after her own mother told her what she should be doing.

She wrote: “Hi, I have a three-month-old baby and a 21-month-old toddler. Currently on maternity leave. I feel very exhausted.

“Currently baby is sleeping on the sofa and I have just played the last hour or so with my toddler in the garden.

The mum feels she has to take the toddler for a walk each day


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“I don’t really want to go out today for a walk.

“Is it okay to just play with toddler in the garden or do I have to take him out everyday for a walk?

“I have been at a lake with him Saturday and Sunday and walked a lot everyday.

“My mother thinks I should go for a walk everyday.”

People were quick to respond in the comments that she should do what feels right.

One wrote: “You do not have to go for a walk every day! Playing with your child at home is fine.”

Another comment read: “Your mother needs to butt out and stop micromanaging you. I’m sure it’s well-meaning advice – going out and engaging with the world can definitely help stave off depression etc – but it’s a blunt instrument and doesn’t always apply to every situation.

“There’s nothing wrong with staying at home and playing with your toddler if that’s what you want to do!”

One person wrote: “Why would you need to walk every day? The garden sounds like a lovely place to be if your weather is anything like mine today. Just relax in the garden letting your toddler play.

“I am disabled, my children practically lived in our garden most days.”

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