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Mourners Voice Anger After London Police Break Up a Vigil

Mourners laid flowers for Sarah Everard at Clapham Common on Sunday, a day after the police broke up a vigil at the site due to virus restrictions. Her death has incited a reckoning over violence against women.

This has affected every woman across the country. What it’s done is it’s kicked up every single thing that’s ever happened to us. And as a collective, we needed to come together to be able to grieve that as a process. And basically, the police robbed us of our human rights for collective grief. I feel very angry that they think that they have the right to dictate how we mourn and how we react. And that it was a police officer that did this. And that police officers obviously aren’t protecting us because this is still happening. And this isn’t the only woman that this has happened to. And I know every single woman that I know that lives here in London, they know what it’s like to walk home at night.

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