Most employers believe four-day working week will be the norm before 2030

Most employers believe the four-day working will become the norm by 2030. (Photo/Pixabay)

The majority of employers believe that a four-day working week will become the norm in the UK before 2030.

 According to a survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of NatWest Rapid Cash, 78 per cent of employers believe it will happen by the end of the decade while 52 per cent of recruiters said it will take place by 2026. 

 This comes after 3,300 workers at 70 companies around the UK started working for four days retaining their salary in full. 

In exchange, though, employees pledged to maintain 100 per cent of productivity. Censuswide’s study sampled 2,000 office workers, 500 SME employers and 500 recruitment agencies.

Recruiters added that the impact of a shorter working week will lead to happier employees and higher worker retention. 

But not everyone seems ready to make the changes just yeet.

The survey highlighted that a third of SMEs would not offer the scheme unless they have to, as over a quarter of businesses suffer from weak cash flow.

A third of employers reported staffing costs as one of the main challenges impacting their cashflow. 

“We believe the most effective way for SME employers, and recruiters, to meet staffing challenges is to strengthen their working capital,” said NatWest Rapid Cash chief commercial director Natalie Kerr.

 “Cashflow is key when it comes not only to staffing but also to having the flexibility to adopt new models of working, and to make the most of growth opportunities.”

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