ASHBURN, Va. — Settling is not solving.

Two months ago, NFL types decried the quality of this year’s quarterback class entering the draft, saying they were, en masse, not nearly as good as last year’s Baker Mayfield-led group was and that next year’s Tua Tagovailoa-Justin Herbert led group will be. What’s only happened since then is the passage of time, and now that there’s almost none of it left before this year’s draft, people are desperately trying to convince themselves that the guys they might be able to get are worth whatever expenditure is necessary to secure them.

Washington cannot fall into that trap.

It can’t use precious draft picks to move up to take any QB in this draft, including Kyler Murray. Nor can it mortgage its highest picks as ransom to Arizona to bring in Josh Rosen, no matter how sexy Rosen’s cap numbers are to a team desperate for cost-effective play behind center with Alex Smith expensive but unavailable for 2019.



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