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Months After Joking About Will Smith’s Oscars Ban, Trevor Noah Has Serious Thoughts On Backlash The Actor Received For The Slap

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars several months ago, the Internet was ablaze with commentators sharing their thoughts on the matter. A significant number of celebrities weighed in on the subject as well. Many people chastised Smith for his actions, while some others came to his defense. One of the many stars to speak out in the aftermath was comedian and political pundit Trevor Noah, who approached the situation with a bit of humor. But now, months later, the TV personality has some serious thoughts about the backlash that Smith (who’s apologized as of late) has received. 

Back in April, Trevor Noah specifically spoke about Will Smith being punished by the Academy with a decade-long ban. Noah joked that Smith’s situation could be a blessing in disguise, as he doesn’t have to get dressed up, go to the Oscars and “sit through a bunch of boring awards that he doesn’t care about.” The Daily Show host even quipped that he wishes that he himself could be banned from the Emmys so that he doesn’t have to “pretend to be happy” when he loses to colleagues like John Oliver. 


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