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Mission: Impossible 7’s Hayley Atwell Reveals Some Of The Stunts She’ll Do, Some Even ‘Handcuffed’ To Tom Cruise

To many movie and TV fans, Hayley Atwell is known as Peggy Carter, one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s greatest heroes. However, come next year, the fan-favorite actress will also be known as Grace in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Not much has been revealed about the mysterious character at this point but, based on BTS photos we’ve seen, it appears that the star is going to take part in a fair number of stunts. And lucky for us, she’s spilling a few details on the feats she’ll be performing, even hinting at one that sees her “handcuffed” to co-star Tom Cruise. 

Peggy Carter is certainly more than formidable and clever, but Mission: Impossible’s Grace sounds like a whole other thing. Hayley Atwell recently appeared at Awesome Con 2022 (via Fandom Spotlite), where she dropped a few details on the role she plays in the next two M:I films. While chatting about the character, she explained that she did stunt work in the seventh installment for sequences involving a moving train, a car and more. On top of that, what she apparently does with Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt sounds particularly wild:

She’s a joy to play. She’s mischievous, and she’s playful, and she holds her own with [Ethan] and there’s an element of, a kind of comic element to it, which is great, which we haven’t seen as much of in Mission before this, it has a different tone to it. And in terms of stunts, I learnt how to drift in a race car… Backflipped over a bridge, jumped off a– jumped backwards off a moving train, um, a lot of running uphill in high heels while handcuffed to Mr. Cruise. Um, that’s all I will say.


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