Mirtle: Make no mistake, the Maple Leafs losing this series would be the biggest collapse of them all

I was making small talk with a member of the Maple Leafs staff a few weeks ago, as the regular season wound down, and offered the comment that it had been a very solid campaign.

Stars showed up. Team improved defensively. No. 1 goalie emerged. Won the division handily.

Not a lot to complain about overall.

“Yeah,” they said. “But we all know it all comes down to the playoffs.”

It’s been that way all season for the organization, with a singular focus on these games. No matter how much the Leafs dominated the Canadian division, they all knew they would be judged on what they did in the postseason — and little else.


Now, the Leafs season is down to one game. And, frankly, it’s probably more than just their season on the line in this Game 7. Multiple seasons have been building to this point.


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