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Millions in Texas Without Power After Winter Storm

Millions of Texans are still without power on Tuesday after a deadly winter storm hit a large part of the southern and central parts of the United States.

“It’s pretty bad that, you know, as Texans, we just can’t prepare for cold — every other part of the country, this would have not been even an issue.” “We lost power yesterday morning in the house. It started getting real cold like around two o’clock, and then you got all the blankets out. We tried to all sleep together to keep us warm, come to the cars to keep our phones charged. And then today, when we got up, there was no water.” “Yesterday morning, about 7:55 power went out. Rode it out for most of the day. Been coming out because we have two kids, keeping them warm, and slept here last night, hoping the power would come on this morning. But we have no real update of when it’s going to come on, and our phones barely work, so.” [laughter]

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