Millionaire Life Strategy Unleashes the Inner Power of Tech Geeks for Entrepreneurial Success –


Millionaire Life Strategy Unleashes the Inner Power of Tech Geeks for Entrepreneurial Success

Voorschoten, Netherlands, October 16, 2020 –(– Millionaire Life Strategy, a business and mindset sales training and coaching organization out of Netherlands, announced today the launch of its new course “Advanced Sales Master Class,” to show left-brain, overly analytical introverts, technology gurus and shy business owners how to move past the limiting beliefs and other obstacles blocking their professional growth to become sales experts that grow businesses exponentially.

“Technology experts tend to hide behind their keyboards to change the world, while others make money from their inventions. I’m teaching the ‘Steve Wozniaks’ of the world how to think like the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the world so that they can launch their business ideas with success from the day they open their doors until the day they sell their businesses for millions of dollars or more,” says Erwin Wils, business strategist, mindset coach, and the mastermind behind Millionaire Life Strategy.

Technology has changed the world and will continue to do so. Technology experts are creating these new technologies and marketing gurus position it. Now is the time to change that and let the tech experts take control of their own business.

“There are a lot of presuppositions about nerds and geeks. People tend to think they’re introvert, terrible in building relationships, can’t sell, nobody understands them, because they speak ‘geek,’ don’t like to be in the spotlights and somehow, most technical experts tend to start acting like that image. I’m here to change that and show them it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s all about mindset,” says Wils. “The moment tech gurus start understanding how to communicate their genius in terms laymen can grasp, that’s the moment they start to become that all-round entrepreneur that will take themselves and their business to the next level.”

Wils is a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, has worked in the corporate world for over 20 years in different roles, always on the edge between technology and business. He also thought others were more successful than him, until he started working on his own mind. Now he is showing other technical experts they can change as well by means of coaching and training.

The Advanced Sales Masterclass covers:
‒ Mindset strategies to uncover each participant’s unique hidden sales genius
‒ The art of the sale
‒ Mastering the art of objections
‒ How body language can make or break your sale
‒ Negotiation mastery

“All technical experts know how to sell,” says Wils. “They just don’t recognize it as selling. This training gives them the blueprint for sales success and the confidence to become the rainmaker they always wanted to be.”

Millionaire Life Strategy also offers custom coaching programs for technical experts, ranging from 3 months to a full year, using the EMPOWERR© methodology as an umbrella.

About Millionaire Life Strategies
Millionaire Life Strategies (MLS) launched in 2018 to transform Technical Experts into all-round Entrepreneurs. With a mission to make one million business owners out of one million tech gurus, MLS offers training, coaching and masterminds to help as much technical experts as possible, because they change the world for real. Based out of the Netherlands, Erwin Wils, founder of MLS, combines his 25+ years of working in the corporate world and coaching to show the nerds, geeks and other technical experts they can make a positive impact as well and be proud of it.

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