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Michelle Williams Recalls Time After Heath Ledger’s Death, And How Actor Jeremy Strong Really Stepped Up For Her Daughter Matilda

Back in 2008, Hollywood and the public at large were rocked by the death of Heath Ledger. No one, of course, was more heavily affected by his sudden passing than his loved ones were, including Michelle Williams. The Dawson’s Creek alum, who shares daughter Matilda with the late star, has occasionally spoken about Ledger since his death. And as of late, she’s opened up about the time right after his death and how fellow actor Jeremy Strong stepped up when it came to her daughter. 

Michelle Williams has been friends with Jeremy Strong for some time now, as the two actors have reportedly known each other since 2004, when they were performing at the Williamstown Theatre Festival. Williams discussed Strong and her friendship with him during a wide-ranging interview with Variety. It was during the conversation that she revealed that Strong (along with Williams’ sister and another friend) moved in with her shortly after Heath Ledger’s death. The Oscar-nominated actress explained that the Succession star was a hit with Maltida, as he’d pretend he was a pony and allow her to ride on his back: 

Jeremy was serious enough to hold the weight of a child’s broken heart and sensitive enough to understand how to approach her through play and games and sillines. [Matilda] didn’t grow up with her father, but she grew up with her Jeremy and we were changed by his ability to play as though his life depended upon it, because hers did.


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